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nbd, just Daryl staring at Beth a whole bunch 
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Interesting theory about Mikael/Klaus. Tell me more :-)
- Anonymous


It’s just one theory about who this shocking alliance could be. Especially one that’s been building for a while now, according to my husband, Michael Narducci. Mikael has had a huge presence in the show, months before he ever actually showed in in flashbacks. Sebastian has guest starred what, 4 times now? I think it would be interesting (and horrible and fascinating and terrifying) to see these two men have to work together for whatever reason. Only thing is, I just can’t think of a situation where MIKAEL would work with Klaus. As much as Klaus hates his father, Mikael hates his son just a little bit more. There’s no soft side, no tiny hidden moments of humanity with Mikael, at least none we’ve seen yet.

The other alliance that popped into my head would be Mikael and Elijah but please lord sweet baby jesus that better not happen. Klaus would be _devastated_  and I just really want my Mikaelson bro’s on the same side.


GETTING THROUGH 7 MONTHS WITHOUT TWD: MANIPS » Beth finally reunites with Daryl, but unfortunately, Len and Joe are with him. 

"I told you, she’s claimed."


GETTING THROUGH 7 MONTHS WITHOUT TWD: MANIPS » Beth finally reunites with Daryl, but unfortunately, Len and Joe are with him. 

"I told you, she’s claimed."

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joseph morgan → 1x20 still

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"Klaus, will you stay just a little longer?"

                    -  ”Of course.”


First thing my dad said (the sequel) watching “Still” : "Those two are going to Woohoo in the trunk" (crac-crac in french)

I’m so done, he ships it!

About “Inmates” x

my mom showed my dad that AU sexy time bethyl fan vid and my dad said “wait, that didn’t happen in the show did it? How’d I miss that, are people seeing a better version of the show than me?” I died. Seems like fathers just really like bethyl. 

"In a moment, I’m going to let go and you’re going to turn around and you’re going to walk out of here without looking back. Okay, kiddo? You have to promise me. Without looking back."

Klaus/Cami + touch

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Klaus in An Unblinking Death

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Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem


My eyes

my ability to bounce around between 2 fandoms and still have time to eat and sleep. Well, eat anyway. 


bethyl scenes to get me through the hiatus 2/?

↳ “You were like me and now god forbid you ever let anybody get too close

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Alrighty kids, let’s pull up a chair and talk about Klaus Mikaelson’s character development and how wonderful it has been the last couple of episodes. We have seen him truly care about others, we’ve seen him apologize after he’s messed up, we’ve seen him get angry and choose to walk away. He’s also maintained that his deal with the werewolves isn’t some move to take the city back for himself, but as a way to make sure the pack can successfully keep Hayley (and with her, his own child) safe. He ASKED PERMISSION before mercy killing someone he considers a “good man” and omggg him slowly lowering Kieran to the floor and taking a minute to catch his breath and just _be sad_ about the circumstances is everything and I’m never getting over it.

This is why it truly boggles my mind when I see people saying he’s ooc or questioning why Klaus even cares about these people. Look, season 2/3 Klaus was fun. He was a blast. I will never forget his entrance to TVD or how his character completely changed the show’s dynamic. But, character’s like him have to grow beyond being the big bad if they are going to get any sort of longevity. I mean, I get there’s some hypocrisy here since people were saying Klaus was too evil when he killed Tim and now he’s too good because he’s trying to do right by the people he likes and respects, but come on now. Klaus’ slow redemption has been amazing because it hasn’t been brought on by anyone but HIMSELF. People also shouldn’t confuse niceness with weakness, because underneath it all, Klaus is still Klaus. He’s going to mess your shit up if you dare threaten his family and he’s going to make secret dealings with people if he thinks it benefits him and he’s never going to be the “good” guy of this show. But Klaus CAN also be the guy who sits and waits with someone and give them silent support while they mourn a family member. Because Klaus is a character who gets his self-worth from others, good or bad. Tell him how awful he is and he’ll show you. Tell him he was kind and that’s going to stick in his head. 

Bottom line, Klaus’ progression from 1x01 to 1x19 has been truly amazing. Along side making enemies (because he’s Klaus, come on) he’s also making friends and Klaus having people outside his family who truly care about him is something I’d think all Klaus fans would want.  

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You can call it a deal with the devil if you like

I'm Mandy. Klaus and/or Originals hate is a BIG no-no. Just don't do it. Klaus stan and Original Groupie at your service.

TWD, Daryl Dixon, Bethyl. Yes, please.