Do you want me on your mind?
Or do you want me to go home?
It might be yours
Is as sure as I can say
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Dark Harbor(1999)

"My favorite thing to do is lie down." — Norman Reedus, soulmate (via kim-asterisk)

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Norman Reedus for NYLON GUYS

In which the writers foreshadowing breaks my Genevieve fangirl heart

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I’m still not over the fact we have clear confirmation that Daryl will find romantic love this season. It’s not really anything we didn’t already know just from what was presented on our screens, but to hear it confirmed is nice.

I also loved how Gimple answered the question. How he made sure to start with the fact Daryl HAS found love, only before it’s been familial. To me, that reaffirmed the notion that ALL of Daryl’s relationships up to this point had been platonic/sibling like. Rick, C@rol, Glenn, etc. He loves them, probably very deeply, in a very family oriented way. But the love that Daryl is going to experience NOW is going to be different than anything we’ve seen so far. 

Guys. it just screams Bethyl to me. We’ve already seen Daryl experience new things with Beth. We’ve already seen him open up to her on a level he’s never went to with any other character. We’ve watched him openly flirt and initiate physical contact and we saw him attempt to let his feelings for her be known (in a very Daryl-eque way with lots of mumbling and stares). He’s already half way there and I am just so ready to see Daryl just fall head over heels in love with Beth Greene. 

Do you want me on your mind? 
Or do you want me to go home?
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joseph morgan → 1x20 still

Your hairrrrrr


Your hairrrrrr


Dorky smiling Reedus characters - requested by ellabellarob

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My Reedus rewatch is coming along nicely. Finished “Six Ways to Sunday” last night. Norman made me feel very confused during the majority of it because Harry was just so weird but also insanely innocent and adorable? 

I mean, look at this little baby faced killer


You can call it a deal with the devil if you like

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